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The Bioethics Forum held its inaugural meeting on September 24, 2021. The group is a diverse international coalition interested in critical bioethics. Its mission is twofold: first, to ensure that those affected by science, medicine, and technology are properly at the forefront of initiatives to determine and implement ethical solutions impacting wellness, health, and health care; and, second, to explore the use of public engagement and policy beyond public health for the betterment of health and wellness. Incorporating social sciences, humanities, and diverse perspectives, the forum applies critical thinking, analysis, and theory, challenging common assumptions and the bioethics status quo. The forum is dedicated to justice for all people, with attention to those most likely to suffer injustices. It has the aim of filling in gaps in bioethics, emphasizing health and wellness, and including climate change and the environment, tech ethics, and broad scientific ethics.


Olivia Bowers, MS, Senior Publications Editor, Voices in Bioethics, Columbia University
Camille Castelyn, PhD, Centre for Ethics and Philosophy of Health Sciences, University of Pretoria
Nipa Chauhan, MHSc, Café Bioethics, University of Toronto Jennifer Cohen, JD, MAR, MS
Sandra M Fabregas Troche, PhD, MS, MPC, BSPharm, Latino Center for Bioethics and Humanities
Jenni Frumer, PhD, LCSW, MSEd MorseLife Health System/NOW for Holocaust Survivors Initiative
David N Hoffman, JD, Columbia University
Bruce Jennings, MA, Vanderbilt University
Joel Janhonen, MS, Finnish Institute of Bioethics
Srajana Kaikini, PhD, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Krea University
Ben Manclark, AI trainer, Coupa Software Mary Beth Morrissey, PhD, MPH, JD, Yeshiva University Wurzweiler School of Social Work
Cathy L. Purvis Lively, JD, MS, Lively Law Firm
Michael Saadeh, MS, Providence Medical Technology
Heikki Saxen, PhD, Finnish Institute of Bioethics
Meryl Selig, MA, MBA, MS
Togarma Rodriguez Aquino, MD, PhD
Nicole Wells, MA, Global Liver Institute
Anne Zimmerman, JD, MS, Modern Bioethics

People & Technology Subcommittee

Anne Zimmerman, Camille Castelyn, Heikki Saxen, Joel Janhonen, Michael Saadeh

Climate & Migration Subcommittee

Meryl Selig, David Hoffman, Anne Zimmerman, Cathy Purvis Lively, Olivia Bowers, Mary Beth Morrissey, Srajana Kaikini, Sandra Fabregas Troche, Bruce Jennings, Jenni Frumer, Nicole Wells


To engage in critical thinking and commonsense approaches to bioethics and broad ethical dilemmas with consideration of power structures and barriers or impediments to health and wellbeing.

The forum co-chairs are Anne Zimmerman, Bruce Jennings, and Mary Beth Morrissey. Please address all inquiries to

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